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Blue Moose Koffee

  • Just Koffee's Signature Blend

    We were searching for a coffee blend that folks would want to drink every day, and integrate into their routine. A reliable, consistent house coffee. The characteristics we looked for first were a soothing aroma, full body, and medium finish to appeal to every coffee drinker throughout the day. It took time to land on the right coffees for this blend, but we discovered that a combination of specialty coffees from Latin America and South America did the trick, like the Colombian coffee Finca Palmichal, sourced from the high western side of the central Andes in Quindio, or a Brazilian Cerrado coffee from southwest Minas Gerais.  

    Ultimately, the key to achieving what we wanted out of our house blend was our ability to roast all of the components separately and then blend them post-roast. This technique gives us the opportunity to control the peak roast profiles of each coffee, which tend to land in the medium range, and bring out the attributes we look for in each cup.

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