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Ladha Sana Koffee

  • Swahili for “Very Delicious”, Ladha Sana is a brilliant blend of African-sourced coffees. Known for their floral attributes and sweet acidity, Ladha Sana leaves a lasting impression. Ladha Sana is our premier blend of African coffees. Sourced mainly from Kenya and Ethiopia, these washed koffees exemplify the best of African varietals. This blend features floral notes as well as flavorful, fruity sweetness, and Ladha Sana’s distinct flavor profile is highlighted and preserved by its light roast. African koffee is frequently described as being ‘tea-like,’ and that’s what you’ll taste here.

    Perfect served as iced koffee or cold brew: To yield a 10oz iced koffee experience use 21g of freshly ground Ladha Sana, 150g of hot water poured over 150g ice cubes in over pourover device.

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