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Autobahn Espresso

  • For us, an excellent espresso blend is one that produces a smooth crema, and rich, exhilarating taste profile. Our answer: Autobahn. This espresso is made up of natural and washed koffees from El Salvador and South America, with a touch of washed Ethiopian to round out its flavor profile. The inclusion of a naturally processed koffee lends a hint of sweetness to the otherwise very clean cocoa and floral notes of the washed koffees. Each koffee bean we use is produced impeccably at origin, and the medium-dark roast profile we apply brings out the rich, deep flavors one can expect from a specialty espresso. This blend is specially formulated to complement and enhance espresso based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Autobahn is our approach to a classic-tasting espresso, and provides our customers with a superior gourmet experience that provides excellent shots and consistency.

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